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Project summary

The creative industry (CI) requires other knowledge & skills. Their customers demand a more sustainable production and better respond to their demand. SMEs should develop new services. This is not happening due to lack of use of marketing. Research (att. 6) shows that customer relationship and sales skills are top priorities. The reason for this project: to reduce the gap between skills in the labour market and the need of knowledge on sustainability and (green) marketing. Little knowledge is available in (PT) VET. If employees or students will learn how to work in these fields, the more profitable it will be for employee and company. Aims: To improve:- marketing/sustainability skills to get more competitive - the competitive position of SMEs by offering the customer new (sustainable) service- the level of entrepreneurship to better compete with suppliers outside the CI.Objectives:- Transfer Sustainability knowledge and Green Marketing model- Adjust Sustaingame according to local needs & (re)develop a training+instruments on Green Marketing- Test of Sustaingame/workshops&Green Marketing course (in VET+SMEs)- Develop a digital Sustain game- Translate material/disseminationer Outcomes:- Transfer from The Netherlands of a physical game/workshops for VET or in-company, with 3 elements: 1. Sustainability information to raise awareness , 2. Marketing & Sales, SMEs learn how to emphasize the importance of their sustainable production capacities to their customers, 3. Creating awareness of the possibilities for developing new services in advising client groups on sustainable communication.- Transfer of the Green Marketing concept from Spain. Green marketing uses the sustainable potential of a company, allowing their customers to communicate in a sustainable way and strengthen sustainability in the chain. The project strengthens, expands and adapts the teaching tools (game & green marketing) to needs and conditions in the partner countries.- Create an internet game, create more awareness on sustainability to VET students, SME employees and customers.Impact:By training, learners’ attitude and competences will change; company’s knowledge will improve in cooperation with customers. Teachers get access to a different method of learning. Strategic level, recognition of customer value and identification of customer needs. More sustainable production, develop new sustainable services, be more competitive; Green Marketing provides new sales/marketing attitudes.


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