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The Project Coördinator Stivako is a well known VET-institute in the industry, producing practically graphic media-oriented and economically attractive education, training and workshops, developing learning materials for the use in fulltime VET-institutions in the sector. Stivako has many years of experience in interdisciplinary and international projects.The Graphic Association Denmark (Grakom) is a trade and employers association. Its goal is to strengthen the prof-itability and freedom of action of Grakoms business members. Grakom monitors the developments in market conditions, legislation, technology, environment, etc. This knowledge is communicated to the members via Grakoms magazine, newsletters, website, courses, and member meetings. Işık University (IU) was founded in 1996 by the Feyziye Schools Foundation (FMV), a non-profit educational group established in 1885. With an international emphasis in two campuses, IU offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various disciplines with a strong academic foundation as well as vocational school degrees. IU recently ranked 11th among Turkish foundation universities and 35th among all Turkish universities (126 in total) in the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology's "Entrepreneurship Innovation Index" of Turkey.IGS (Istitute de Gestion Sociale) was founded 37 years ago has grown to become IGS Group, a grouping of higher education institutes, training centra (full-time, cooperative and executive) and research facilities based on the concept of an International Professional University. The IGS Group has 3 campuses in Paris, Toulouse and Lyon.Cubion A/S is a consultant company, working within the private and public sector in Denmark. The mission is: We assist our clients develop the knowledge, the leadership and the organization that will lead them to succeed in the future. Cubion is working close together with a large variety of companies within the graphic sector. The Technological Institute of Optics, Colour, and Image: Aido is a private industrial non profit-making association that was created as a result of a business initiative in 1988. It is promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana through the Valencia Small and Medium-sized Industries Institute (Instituto de la Mediana y Pequeña Industria Valenciana, IMPIVA) with the mission of providing technological solutions to companies by means of industrial optics. The Dienstencentrum is a full service research and consultancy firm for graphic media companies in the following five areas: techniques and production (among other things energy, environment), marketing, personnel, finance and management. In the field of education exists a cooperation with Stivako.



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