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What is the Creative Industries?Although different definitions of the cultural and creative sectors are used, the definition established in the study on ‘The Economy of Culture in Europe’ in 2006 distinguishes between:Core arts areas: performing arts, visual arts, cultural and architectural heritageand literature.Cultural industries: film, DVD and video, television and radio, video games, new media, music, books and press.Creative industries: industries which use culture as an input, including architecture, advertising, design and fashion.

Why this projectThe creative industry and especially the graphic media market is a turbulent market with developments that require a different attitude of management and staff: other knowledge, skills, attitudes. The market demands a more sustainable production and better respond to their demand. Companies would have to develop and sell new products and services. Due to the lack of awareness and use of marketing tools, no such development is taking place. Research by the European social partners in the creative sector, particularly printing industry, shows that customer relationship building skills and sales skills are top- priorities within the SME's in the industry, if they want to use the potential development opportunities in the future.The labor market of employees or students coming from VET instituties does not reflect to the demand. This also applies to part-time training opportunities in VET. In the area of marketing and sales there are a few programs, but these are rather academic in nature and not attuned to the needs of creative industry SME's (95% 1-19 employees) and to the level of competences of employees. The focus of the labor force in the companies is mainly concentrated on technical aspects. So marketing and sales in combination with sustainability offers companies new opportunities to connect to new business models in the future.


Sustainability, Green marketing & Mediain the Creative Industry

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